what is marketing technologists?

Four Facts You Should Know About Marketing Technologists

More companies are prone to hire marketing technologists these days. What is a marketing technologist? A marketer, who not only has expertise in marketing strategy and consumer insight but also knows how to use cutting-edge marketing technology and analytical tools, can be called a marketing technologist.

Here are some key characteristics that a marketing technologist should have.  It might be helpful for you to evaluate the marketing technologists in your company.


A marketing technologist is a DATA DIVA

Business is driven by data nowadays. Data mining is the most fundamental procedure under the era of big data. Being capable of using different types of analytical software is the threshold for a data fan.

A marketing technologist is a TREND EXPLORER

The prosperity of Internet technology brings more possibilities to marketing activities. LBS and Augmented Reality skills have been applied to several outdoor marketing campaigns and indoor sales promotions. Check the latest news about Tesco’ new launch of the biggest iBeacon trial with Magnum Campaign here. Keeping an eye on new tech trends not only helps boost the creativity of marketers, but enables them to tap entertainment and excitement into their marketing events.

A marketing technologist is a STRATEGY PROVIDER

Based on the results of marketing research together with your “strong analytical sense,” you should be able to define your target customers and draw a comprehensive profile for them. This should not be limited to demographic analysis like age, occupation and gender. Psychographic and behavioural factors regarding how people feel if they use your product and to what extent your product can change the lifestyle of your potential target group weigh higher. Combined with your brand position on the market, a long-term blueprint of strategy concerning building brand equity through which sustainable marketing communication can be developed.

A marketing technologist is a CONTENT MASTER

Why is BuzzFeed so successful among youngsters? Because hundreds of the best content masters are backing it up. As a content-driven publisher, it provides the most shareable breaking news. Do you remember Dress Colour Debate? A photo featuring whether a dress was seen as white and gold or black and blue quickly went viral and immediately generated tons of discussion globally online.

A content creator from BuzzFeed said the debate doubled the site traffic and people all over the world got to know the website. A professional storyteller knows how to relate the content to brands. They are able to publish bespoke content within different marketing communication platforms. More importantly, the content created should be attractive enough to lure customers and helps drive purchasing behaviour.

A good marketing technologist is like a marketing encyclopedia. They should have all the characteristics mentioned above. However, another essential point we cannot ignore is that they are also a result tracker. After all, sales numbers make a lot of sense when evaluating the effectiveness of marketing activities.



                                                                                                                                                Marketing Technology Landscape 2015

Source of pic: http://chiefmartec.com/2015/01/marketing-technology-landscape-supergraphic-2015/


This post was first time published on Colourburn, a British marketing and film-making agency based in Exter in July, 2015.