Embed interactive experiment, set product using scenario and focus on story-telling are the three improtant ways to create viral video campaign online

Three Tactics To Make Your Online Promo Video Go Viral

“I am so fed up with being exposed to loads of ads everyday!” “I will skip boring ads quickly when I watch Youtube!” “I never pay too much attention to TV ads.” These are probably the most frequently heard complaints from your customers. There is no doubt that the role of ads has changed significantly in the last few years. Ad is no longer the only channel to introduce brand and products. Other promotional tools like social media, event sponsorship, email marketing started taking the lead. Investing on ads marketing seems unnecessary as they only receive scattered attention from audience. That is definitely not the whole picture! Recent viral campaign such as #Always like a girl# from brand “Always”, #Better for it# from Nike are incredibly popular both online and offline. Ads are still important and they can be creative and entertaining when you take these tactics mentioned below into account.

Embed interactive experiment

A lot of brands have tried this tactic and it still works very well so far. A typical template is to put your target customers or potential influencers in a room. Then, they will be asked to complete a task or an action according to your description. Followed by an unexpected outcome or surprise, customers finally get to know the real situation and share their feelings. Dove is an expert in this regard. The ad called “Women all over the world make a choice” may give you some hints.

Make your customers tell the story

Celebrity endorsement is less attractive than before. Customers like reading product review shared by their peers. Emotional element (happiness, sadness, excitement etc.) and result display are always the two key players when the customers in the ad depict the story.

Set the product using scenario

The perfect way to introduce your product and make customers understand quickly is to put the product in the using scenario. Customers don’t want to spend time reading lengthy product information before buying it. The easiest way is to show them visually in the ad. Apple is one of these pioneer users. When they introduce the new function of iPhone, like “health app”, they prefer creating a number of using scenarios with further word elaboration on how to use it and why it is important. Once exposed to audience, the ad conveys a sense that it is necessary to have this function in the phone in order to make life easier.

A good ad never fails to fascinate its audience and drive sales. Hope these three tips above help make your online promo video go viral.

Source of pic: https://www.businessbanter.com/digital-talk/7-tips-for-local-business-success-using-online-video-marketing/