Top 4 SEO Blogs You Should Read in 2016

We are bombard with tons of information everyday under such a digital era. Without any doubt, our attention becomes scattered as a result of overwhelming news and information occurring every second. As a digital marketer, you always have to keep an eye on industry news and new marketing trends. In particular, for SEOers, since we work closely with search engines, in most cases, Google, it is even more crucial for us to catch up the latest SEM trends. Apart from participating in SEO conference, communicating other SEO peers and joining some SEO workshops, these four SEO blogs mentioned below can also help you gain insider SEO tips and get to know SEM news. Of course, they are also my favourite SEO blogs that I read everyday.

     1. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is one of leading SEO blogs that covers SEO news and SEO trends in search marketing industry

Focus: SEO trends& SEO news

Search Engine Land is absolutely a “must read SEO blog” and it is a leading daily publication that covers all aspects of the search marketing industry. As they said, it is a “Must read news about SEO, SEM and Search Engines”. The daily news covers industry trends, feature announcements and product changes at popular platforms used by search marketers to reach consumer online, majorly, Google, Bing, and other social channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Editors and columnists either work for these popular platforms at the moment or used to work for digital marketing agencies. In addition, they organize SEM conference annually, providing an invaluable opportunity for digital marketers all over the world to communicate and discuss with each other. If you do not want to fall behind with SEM trends, check out this website. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

     2. Moz Blog

Moz blog is a great SEO blogs that provides professional SEO advice and latest Search Engine Marketing news

Focus: SEO skills & Search Engine Marketing knowledge

Known as a SEO consultancy company, Moz provides analytics tools for search marketing and Twitter. In addition, they offer content marketing for those who seek for advice about target audience engagement and insight about content strategy. However, my favorite part is their blog, where they engage their readers by offering professional advice and help them level-up their online marketing skills. Especially, the Whiteboard Friday delivered by Rand Fishkin, the co-founder of Moz, shows you quite practical SEO skills in 10 minutes that you can definitely apply for your business in the future. In my eyes, Moz blog is one of the best SEO blogs for sure.

      3. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal, as a highly recommend SEO blog, offers SEO news & digital marketing resources

Focus: SEO news & digital marketing resources

Search Engine Journal is a community-based platform that provides the latest trends and insight in the digital marketing industry. All the content is either created by in-house online marketing experts or independent marketing strategists. What I really like about this blog is that the guide or playbook published by them is pretty helpful with a perfect combination of real cases and strategies. Also, occasional roundups regarding certain topics are also worthwhile for a quick view.

       4. SEMRush

SEMRush provides SEM analytic tools & SEO strategies for digital marketers in their SEO blog

Focus: SEM analytic tools & SEO strategies

SEM provides competitive data analysis for digital marketing professionals. Except for a bunch of free tools such as Keyword Rank Checker and Site Audit you can use for your own business or blog, their webinars also offer you great opportunities to talk with marketing experts face to face. Of course, they published guidebook for free downloading in their blog now and then. However, compared with the other SEO blogs, SEMRush blog is more product-focused and less frequently updated.

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